Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Combatting Distracted Driving

Sprint will launch a combination app-and-service later this year designed to combat distracted driving. Called Drive First, the new service will lock the phone’s screen, block text alerts, and redirect incoming calls to voice mail whenever the vehicle is moving. Sprint’s Drive First will allow up to three key phone contacts and three apps, which parents will be able to configure via a Web portal. The Sprint service will cost about $2 a month for each Android phone.

T-mobile announced in January that it will launch a similar service, called DriveSmart. The T-mobile app will block all incoming calls and texts for about $5 a month for all phones on an account.

Both of these services will have their limitations – they won’t be able to distinguish whether the user is a driver or a passenger, for example. Ultimately it will still be up to the phone user to act responsibly. Nevertheless, it’s good to see the phone companies taking distracted driving seriously.

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