Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smallpox – NOT Yet Gone Forever…

On this blog site (Feb. 9, 2011) I reported that the World Health Assembly (WHA) would be deciding soon whether to recommend the final destruction of all remaining stocks of the deadly smallpox virus, which presumably has been eradicated from the planet except for stocks held in several research labs in the U.S and Russia. And true to form, in May the WHA voted to put the decision off for another three years. The vote comes after intense lobbying by the U.S. and Russia against final destruction. Both countries argue that the smallpox virus is worthy of further study, of course.

Votes to delay the decision to destroy the last stocks of the virus are becoming the norm; they’ve been happening since the early 1990s. It’ll be at least 2014 before the issue is brought up again.

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