Monday, October 24, 2011

Cell Phones and Cancer

Another study – this one from Denmark – has failed to show a causal link between cell phones and brain tumors.

In the Danish study, researchers correlated data from a Danish cancer registry with mobile phone contracts over a 13-year period, starting in 1982. The study includes nearly 360,000 cell phone users; its shear size is an important plus. However, a weakness is that the study only includes people with long-term phone contracts - those with corporate phones or without long-term contracts would be missed by their methodology. In addition, the study could not quantify cell phone use other than by the length of the contract. Nevertheless, it is one more study that seems to point toward no significant risk of brain tumors from long-term cell phone use.

And that’s reassuring to those of us who have used cell phones for some years now.

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