Friday, August 19, 2016

Did They Think the State was Kidding?

In July of 2015 the California legislature passed a law that requires all children to be vaccinated before they can attend school (see this blog, July 8, 2015). Unlike the previous law, the new law does not permit exceptions for either personal or religious beliefs. The new law will be phased in over seven years; this year and each subsequent year, all students entering kindergarten and the seventh grade will have to be vaccinated. (Current tenth- through twelfth-graders are exempt from the new law, as they'll all be out of school in three years anyway.)

The Sacramento Bee reports that in the Fulsom Unified School District, 145 kindergartners and seventh-graders were sent home on Tuesday last week (the first day of school) for failure to have the required vaccination documentation. By Friday, 98 of those students still had not returned to school. Do parents who oppose childhood vaccinations think the state is kidding? If they stick to their convictions they'll have to home-school their children.

I'm with the state and the school district on this one. It's time to hold the line against the anti-vaccine movement.

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