Friday, November 11, 2016

Medical Abortions Without Visiting an Abortion Clinic

A study is underway in four states (Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and New York) to determine whether medical abortions can be conducted safely without the woman ever having to visit an abortion clinic.

Currently, women must visit to an abortion clinic for a medical abortion.  After consultation with a physician, the woman is prescribed two pills; the first is given at the abortion clinic, and the second is taken a day later.  Together, the two pills cause a miscarriage.  Medical abortions are FDA-approved during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy; after that, only surgical abortions are allowed.   Nearly a quarter of all abortions in the U.S. are now medical abortions.

In the current study, women will first consult with an abortion provider by video, from the comfort of her own home.  Then certain tests must be completed, including blood work and an ultrasound.  If all goes well, the medical abortion pills will be delivered by mail.

The FDA has approved the study and will be monitoring the safety of the procedure closely.  But pro-life advocates are unlikely to favor FDA approval of medical abortions by videoconference and mail, regardless of how safe it turns out to be.

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