Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sunscreen Use in Schools

Did you know that in most states, teachers and school nurses in public schools cannot apply sunscreen to students? That's because the FDA classifies sunscreen as an over-the-counter drug. Technically, students can't even apply sunscreen themselves unless they have a signed note from a doctor and their parents.

The rule strikes most parents and school administrators as odd. It's hard to see who could be harmed by applying sunscreen to a child who needs it, unless of course the child were allergic to an ingredient in the sunscreen. And that would be an unrelated problem entirely.

A bill to allow students to use sunscreen in schools stalled in Congress last year. Not willing to wait for Congress, some states are taking action. Seven states have already passed laws that allow students to use sunscreen in school, and eight more states are considering such laws, according to a CBS news report. It makes sense; Congress has a lot on its plate, and this is something states can deal with on their own.

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